but COMMISSIONS are open!

Wild Kratts art blog. Expect lots of wips and general idiocy~ This is a slash-friendly environment, so there's gonna be a bit lot of that. Mainly krattcest, but other ships will pop up occasionally.

Apparently I liveblog Krattshows a lot so sorry about that but also you're welcome for stupid gifs and screenshots that are mostly krattbutts.

Finished work is under the 'kgw art' tag if you don't feel like scrolling past my other obnoxious posts. (Check out the links below for that, as well as other neat stuff!)

All seriously nsfw art is tagged as such, and hidden under a 'read more' to save y'all from seein' anything too scarring <3 (unless I happen to reblog something from someone, in which case I'm sorry but I'll still tag it, at least)

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21st September 11:41 AM
Anonymous asked
patricio parodi is handsome for you


he’s like the lovechild of Logan and Chase from Zoey 101


20th September 10:38 PM
Anonymous asked
Ever dreamed about krattcest? Which kind you like the most to draw?

I HAVE, BUT NOT NEARLY OFTEN ENOUGH. I think at one point I dreamt about dirty things involving the aardvark suits but that’s all I can remember right now, unfortunately (and then there was this one)

I’m sure my art speaks for itself, but I guess I enjoy drawing smutty things in their various vehicles, the bros being interrupted, and apparently shenanigans in powersuits, lately.

20th September 7:20 PM 20th September 7:10 PM
living-creature-style asked
Can we pay for commisions on DA with points? Since 100 points = $1, it would be an easy way to buy your beautiful art. -wink-

yup, I already mentioned that on my dA post about it~

20th September 4:31 PM 20th September 4:04 PM


I thought I’d put together a slicker commission post than ones prior.  Everything’s pretty much laid out as clear as I can make it, but if you have any questions then let me know!  

Around Tumblr I can also be contacted through my ask/fanmail about commission requests.  All prices are in $USD and will be completed through Paypal.

Even if you’re not interested in a commission, I always appreciate a signal boost!

Can you tell I draw Chris a lot

20th September 4:03 PM 20th September 1:35 PM
Anonymous asked
sheyla rojas shes pretty for you seach in the image shes peruvian


but wow she’s a cutie

19th September 11:37 PM
Anonymous asked
i love you and artwork =3


thank yooou <333

19th September 9:22 PM